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behind the boxes...

I am Taylor. I'm a mommy and an elementary school teacher. I love a good party, especially when I am throwing it for someone special. When planning it, I would find pictures of these beautifully executed parties online, and I would want to recreate them. The problem was that I ended up spending loads of time (shopping here and there) and money (buying and trying) to get my party to look somewhat like the vision I now had in my head. It left me frustrated every time. I told my husband that I wish there was someone who would just put it together for me....and here we are!


We are a family owned business that believes that every moment in life should be celebrated...but without the feeling overwhelmed or stressed. We provide a convenient and easy way to execute a vision for any type of party. We are a one stop shop to get all of your party necessities (except the food and drinks) right to your door. There is no more running to multiple stores, worrying about shipping times, matching items from different vendors, or scrolling through endless options. We have gathered supplies from multiple vendors for you to create perfectly themed boxes to save you time and money.

Thank you for stopping by and for supporting our small business!


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